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The Realm of Aqshy, also known as the Realm of Fire, is one of the eight Mortal Realms. It's a passionate and aggressive realm with volatible landscapes and hot gusting winds.

A realm of blazing heat and sulphurous fumes. Aqshy has been under the rule of Chaos for a long time, especially Khorne's. Klaxus is one such kingdom ruled by Khorne Bloodbound.


  • Brimstone Peninsula: The region where the Hammers of Sigmar carried out the first strike against Chaos, hemmed in by the Igneous Delta and the Smoulder Track.
  • Klaxus: Klaxus is kingdom under the influence of Khorne. Notable places in this kingdom are the Mandrake Bastion, Black Rift of Klaxus and Tephra Crater.
  • Igneous Delta.
  • Gate of Azyr.
  • Felstone Plains.
  • Bale-Furnace.
  • Furnace Lands.
  • Hissing Gates.
  • Rim-Citadel of Ytalan.
  • Raxulian Lava-Tubes.
  • Edessa.
  • Twinfire Keep.


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