The Realm of Azyr, also know as the Realm of Heavens or the Celestial Realm, is one of the eight Mortal Realms. It's a glittering realm of glowing palaces ruled by Sigmar.


  • Azyrheim: Also known as the Eternal City, is a celestial city and an ancient stellar metropolis shining brightly at the heart of the Celestial Realm. It's the last of the great cities and within it's walls man, aelf and duardin coexist peacefully. The city stretches from horizon to horizon with countless districts each housing different cultures some even from the world before time. Many refuges from the Age of Chaos dwell here alongside each other and the native residents of Azyr. Sigmar rebuilt his armies here, preparing for the counter strike against Chaos.
  • Dharroth.
  • Sigmarion: Sigmar's greatest fortress standing high above the celestial realm land's and Mallus. From its highest spire Sigmar look down on the whole of Azyr.
  • Sigmaron: Sigmar's great palace city. The equipment of the Stormcast Eternals are forged here housing the many forges and laboratories of Sigmar and his servants.
  • Mallus: Mallus are the remains of the world-that-was set in the firmament by Dracothion. It's from here that Sigmarite is mined. It's energies are what make the stormcast eternals possible, reforged in the Chamber of the Broken World.
  • Hallowguild: Freeguild city, from the "Gate of Stars" Campaign.


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