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Chaos is a plane of existence of the Cosmos Arcane, and the ultimate source of all magical energies. It is a nightmarish land comprised of realms of roiling, continuous change. Anyone who enters is devoured, transformed or mutated for all eternity.[1]

The Realm of Chaos is a world of nightmares. In this warped plane of existence, the deepest horrors and mortal fears are given form, and time and space twist insanely in upon themselves.

Where the eight Mortal Realms are divided and defined by their features, so too is the Realm of Chaos carved into separate domains ruled over by the four Chaos Gods.

The kingdom of Tzeentch is a crystalline maze of contradiction, the Garden of Nurgle is a vast composting cesspool, the lands of Slaanesh are filled with hypnotic horrors and the empire of Khorne is an endless, blood-stained battlefield.

Major Regions

  • Garden of Nurgle - The Plague God Nurgle's domain.
  • Crystal Labirynth - The domain of Tzeentch.
  • Blood God's Domain - The homeland of Khorne.
  • Six Circles of Slaanesh - The home of the Prince of Excess, Slaanesh.