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Ghur, also called the Realm of Beasts, is one of the eight Mortal Realms. It is a realm of beasts and untamed savagery. Only the strongest will survive.[1][2]

Ghur is home to countless dangerous and violent lands where the strong survive and the weak become meat. This predatory wilderness suits the Ironjawz; endless wars against other Orruks, slavering beasts and Chaos warriors mean their warclans have always had something to vent their savagery on.

Just as an Orruk boss imposes their dominance over their warclan, so too do the Ironjawz dominate the wildernesses of Ghur. Teetering effigies to the greenskin god Gorkamorka, splintered woodlands and mountains beaten into rubble are all signs left by the Ironjawz that they're in charge.

Once, during the Age of Myth, the Realm of Beasts was filled with many noble empires ruled over by hunter kings and proud beast lords. Their domains were set atop snow-wreathed peaks or amid subterranean continents where mountains reached from above and below to form mazes of stone. Some stood on the backs of surging ocean monsters and others in the boughs of drifting sky-trees.

The Ironjawz toppled one after another. If a skyborne keep flew the banners of the Free Peoples or the eye-searing symbols of the minions of Chaos, it mattered not to the Ironjawz, only that the keep stood at all.[2a]

To stop the greenskins, their enemies constructed ever more elaborate defences -- walls laced with killing spells, living moats that consumed all who crossed them, and cities with legs to carry them away from danger. But all failed before the simple, savage brutality of the Ironjawz.[2a]

As the Ironjaw armies laid waste to Ghur, they grew in size. Under the leadership of the mighty Megabosses, they formed their mobs into units known as "fists," and then even larger groups called "brawls." Guided by these powerful greenskin warriors, they spread out into the other Eight Realms, following Gorkamorka's constant call to war into a thousand different lands.[2a][2b]

Ironjawz do not build cities; they are a nomadic clan, wandering from one place to another looking for battle, and pausing only long enough to loot before moving on.

As a warclan travels the realms, it will assert its dominance over everything it meets, either killing it or, in the case of other Ironjawz, adding them to their mob.[2b]

Orruks respect only strength, and other warclans sometimes forget that the Ironjawz are in charge. Most clans are quickly knocked into line, though some, like the savage Bonesplittas, need constant reminding.

By contrast, tribes of Grots tend to steer clear of the Ironjawz, though they do occasionally join forces. Though they are not much use for fighting, some Ironjawz keep grots about for tasks such as sorting through scrap piles and dragging loot about, or to throw them into the gruntasty, which is always good for a laugh.[2b]

There can be no mistaking the handiwork of the Ironjawz. One of their most famous acts of vandalism was the defacement of the monolithic statue of Archaon which stood over the Manticore Realmgate that leads to the Allpoints. Three times have different Ironjaw warclans brought it down.

The first time, the Everchosen's helm was recarved into the grinning face of Gork, so Archaon sent a legion to guard its repair. The second time, the head was taken off entirely and replaced with a huge wooden Grot head. Incensed, Archaon ordered the expansion of the Manticore Dreadhold.

The third time, the Ironjawz brought down the walls and raised a crude idol to Gork over the fallen statue of Archaon. Now, a new Chaos Lord commands the rebuilt Manticore Dreadhold, peering into the wastes as Orruk drums rumble in the distance.[2b]