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A map of a region of Ghyran, the Realm of Life

The Realm of Ghyran, also known as the Jade Kingdoms or the Realm of Life, is one of the eight Mortal Realms. It's a vast, bounteous realm forever flowing in cycle and the most verdant of lands when blooming.

Life is everywhere in this realm, taking innumerable shapes, growing and spreading with a hunger that defies all logic and responding to the eternal song of Alarielle the Everqueen. It has countless emerald gardens filled with verdant life of every kind, lush valleys, babbling streams and glittering mountains.

Ghyran is a realm locked in conflict between Alarielle, the goddess of life, and Nurgle, the Chaos God of plagues, death and diseases.

This conflict is known as the "War of Life." At one point almost all of Ghyran was under the control of Nurgle, until the Stormcast Eternals arrived. With the help of Alarielle and her children, the Sylvaneth, they closed the portal to the Garden of Nurgle in the Realm of Chaos at the Battle at the Gates of Dawn.

Notable Locations

Illustration of many of the locations of Ghyran that were targeted by the forces of Nurgle during the Shimmerfall Campaign.

Jade Kingdom of Verdia

  • Hammerhall Ghyra: The Ghyran half of the city of Hammerhall, built around the Stormrift Realmgate (which leads to Hammerhall Aqshy, the half of the city in the Realm of Aqshy).
  • Greywater Reach: A swamp region that's resources were used to build the Greywater Fastness (these resources included a deposit of Ghyran Realmstone). The deforestation of this area has been known to anger the Sylvaneth and even cause them to use force to protect the forests. It is in the Kingdom of Verdia (Core 90).
    • Greywater Fastness: A huge stronghold of iron, built by the Ironweld Engineers. Second of the three-cites built during the Seeds of Hope Campaign.
    • A Bridge Too Far - When the inhabitants of Greywater Fastness level Verdant ground around the city during the "Season of War" and turn it into a desolate, chemical-ridden swamp, Alarielle sends forth a host of the Dreadwood to encircle the city and protect what is left - now known as Ghoul Mere. Led by a Treelord named Pale Oak. (Core 95)

Jade Kingdom of Thyria

  • The Living City: A city created by Alarielle, made from huge bulwarks of entwined ironoak and bedrock fortified with thorn-studded vines. First of the three-cites built during the Seeds of Hope Campaign.
  • Hollow Forest: A forest of ghost-elms and sighing willows that surrounds the Living City.
  • Morbidus Warren: Now the empty Warren of Clan Morbidus, of the Skaven. Wiped out during the beginning of the Seeds of Hope Campaign.

Jade Kingdom of Quogmia

  • Phoenicium: An ancient city suffused with the power of Ghyran, it stands as a symbol of rebirth. It is in the Kingdom of Quogmia (Core 90). Third of the three-cites built during the Seeds of Hope Campaign.
  • Hidden Vale of Athelwyrd: The hidden sanctuary of Alarielle, Athelwyrd is northeast of Phoenicium. This area is considered sacred and its location was long kept secret until the Stormcast Eternals accidentally led the forces of Nurgle to it when in search of Alarielle's aid in the Realmgate Wars. The vale's discovery soon led to its corruption by the Glottkin.
    • Verdent Palace: Alarielle's personal place. From her throne on the World's Roots, Alarielle is connected to all of the Jade Kingdoms.


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