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Ulgu is the Realm of Shadows among the Mortal Realms. Here Malerion, the god of shadows, reigns supreme and his will dominates all who dare enter his realm.

Chaos has never managed to fully rule this realm as entire armies have been swallowed by the shadow with only corpses left behind.[1]

Ulgu has thirteen regions all covered and shrouded with illusion and menace. Secrets and riddles are whispered throughout.[1]

The Terrorgheist's ancestors may have come from Ulgu to Shyish, where they were enslaved by Nagash.[2]

Notable Events

Age of Myth

  • The Fall - The essence of Morathi crashes into the Umbralic Sea in the Realm of Ulgu where she conjures mist elementals and shadow daemons for company. Though immensely powerful, Morathi is angered that she does not yet command the powers of a full Ascended god. Instead, she returns to her devotion to Khaine, the ancient aelven god of murder and bloodshed, declaring herself his high oracle in the Mortal Realms.
  • The Awakening - Tyrion awakens in the Realm of Hysh with his brother Teclis and they begin to explore that realm. Malerion also awakens in the Realm of Ulgu and discovers his mother Morathi is also present.
  • A New Beginning - Malerion, Morathi, Teclis, Tyrion and several cabals of sorcerers capture Slaanesh and imprison him in the Hidden Gloaming and begin to extract aelven souls. Teclis uses the reclaimed aelf souls to create a new species -- the Cythai in the Realm of Hysh but they flee from him into the depths of the Gealus Ocean. Teclis the Illuminator reshapes this new species, teaching them magic in hopes of rebuilding the noble and glorious aelf empires that once existed on the World-That-Was.
  • Expansion of Hagg Nar - Led by Morathi, the Daughters of Khaine spread outwards from Ulgu's temple-city of Hagg Nar. The high oracle has stolen the secret of Malerion's shadow-shifting magic, and those shadowpaths allow swift travel over the vast distances of Ulgu. Fighting all manner of foes across all Thirteen Dominions of the realm, the Daughters of Khaine secretly expand, establishing dozens of new temples.
  • Great Culling - To purge new lands for settlement, monsters and Orruk tribes are slain, alongside several clans of men. When Sigmar comes to avenge his peoples, Morathi points out that they had been tainted by Chaos, and that their deaths were necessary.
  • Blood Strife - The expansion out of Hagg Nar is not without growing pains, as each of the newly formed sects of Khaine seeks to dominate the others. Unchecked, natural rivalries descend into open battle. Morathi allows the civil war to run its bloody course, and uses it to weed out the weakest, as well as those she deems too ambitious.
  • A Power to Rival Hagg Nar - The temple at Ironshard -- which will grow to become the major sect of Khelt Nar -- is founded by Morathi, overtly because of its surrounding defensible lies upon the centre of a powerful spiral of shadow magic. To clear the surrounding lands, the shrine's Daughters of Khaine are forced to hunt down and kill hundreds of the most monstrous creatures of the Shadowlands, as well as dozens of Bonesplitter tribes. It is a task they revel in, and which sees Khelt Nar develop rapidly.
  • The Fragmented God - Although she secretly knows that she possesses the only surviving shard of Khaine, Morathi commands the god's followers to hasten his return to full strength by finding more lost splinters, and so many war covens are dispatched on holy missions to scour the Mortal Realms.
  • First Caillich Coven - As the wars of the Cathtrar grow, Morathi is forced to call the first Caillich Coven -- a summons where every Khainite temple sends a tithe of warriors to the High Oracle. Luxcious' legions are halted at the Battle of Druchxar -- too late, however, to save the temple of Neff-Taal from utter corruption at the hands of Chaos.

Age of Chaos

  • Aelf Wars - Conflicts begin between the Daughters of Khaine and the Idoneth Deepkin. Several enclaves, notably the Fuethán and the Dhom-hain, show a preference for stealing Aelf-souls over those of other races, whom they deem inferior. Although the temples of Morathi's kin prove difficult to find, hidden as they are in the Shadowlands of Ulgu, several war covens are found by the Idoneth and ambushed. The Khainites known as the Kraith vow revenge upon all Idoneth Deepkin.
  • Beginning of the Cathtrar Dhule - Although spared the brunt of the Dark Gods' attention in the early days of the Age of Chaos, it is not long before a true assault upon Ulgu begins. Dozens of campaigns press inwards, assailing each of the Thirteen Dominions. The greatest nemesis of the Daughters of Khaine is the rapacious greater daemon Luxcious the Keeper.
  • Skaven Wars - The Realm of Shadows holds many secrets. Following a hidden path that spirals into a mist-labyrinth, Morathi seeks to establish a new colony, but instead discovers a lair of skaven assassins. So begins a series of retaliatory strikes that escalate into the Skaven Wars, a conflict that sees many Khainite temples raided by the elusive ratmen. From small, running skirmishes to vast battles, each side seeks to uncover and destroy the other’s secret strongholds.
  • Discovered by Daemons - The questing armies of Slaanesh grow more and more prolific. They seek any sign of their missing god, leaving no corner of the Mortal Realms unturned, but concentrating especially upon Ulgu. In the Realm of Shadows, an army led by the Keeper of Secrets Sslish the Depraved picks up the scent of an Idoneth Deepkin raid from the Aighmar enclave and follows them back to their colony. Sslish is defeated but more trouble is soon to follow.

Age of Sigmar

  • Storm of Sigmar - Sigmar launches his new war upon Chaos, but soon sending his armies to all the Mortal Realms. Envoys search Ulgu for Morathi, but her shadowspells keep all Khainite temples hidden from the God-King. When it finally suits her purpose, the two sides join forces for the first time at the Battle of Dolmen Heights.
  • The Seekers Return - The brief respite that followed the arrival of the Stormcast Eternals in Ulgu comes to an end as more and more mortal and immortal followers of Slaanesh pour into the realm. With the corruption of the shadowpaths by Chaos forces, the battles of the Cathtrar Dhule resume. Slaaneshi-led invasions strike over a dozen Khainite temples, and even Hagg Nar is besieged. The campaign to control the shadowpath network begins with the First Battle of the Murkfields. With swift invasions, Chaos armies rule the pathways initially, but counter-attacks by war covens reclaim many of the major routes. Across the Shadowlands, such battles still rage, absorbing a great deal of Morathi’s attention.
  • Umbral Sea Ambush - Hoping to bring an end to hostilities between the Idoneth Deepkin and the Daughters of Khaine, High King Volturnos accepts a meeting with their leader, Morathi. He is eager to work out a truce between the two aelf peoples, but Volturnos is deceived. He has been lured into a meeting not with the High Oracle of Khaine, but with the Masque – a powerful daemon of Slaanesh. In the ensuing battle Volturnos loses an eye, but escapes with his life.

Notable Locations

  • Penumbral Sea: Kingdoms of Flesh-eater Mordants floated in the Penumbral Sea.[2]
  • Quicksilver Swamp: Scyla Anfingrimm hunted and killed the ur-hydra Gorgahul here.[3]
  • Spyrglass Warrens: The Spyrglass Warrens were destroyed by Chaos Daemons. Urglom only survived by feeding on his kin.[2]
  • Umbral Deeps: The Umbral Deeps was one of the few locations where Archaon was repelled during the Age of Chaos.[4]

Notable Realmgates

  • Bridge of Sorrows - This Realmgate connected Ulgu and Shyish. After it was opened and corrupted by Chaos, the Seraphon intervened.[5]
  • Penumbral Gate - The Arcway of Ulgu. The fate of this Realmgate is currently a mystery, as all forces sent there do not return.[6]

Notable Inhabitants

  • Caengan lodge[7]
  • Shroudling Kings[7]