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The Retributors are the Storm that Walks, the wrath of the Heavens made manifest. Each Retributor bears a lightning hammer, a massive weapon around which celestial energies fizzle and spit. The justice they bring might be slow to arrive, but when it does so, it hits with thunderclap power.[1a]


With each swing of their mauling lightning hammers, the Retributors add to the growing tales of their sheer power. They can be found where the battle is at its fiercest, wading forward, swinging their mighty hammers in wide arcs. Such is the force and shock of their blows that broken shards of shields, armour, or bone fly upwards as the Retributors plough their way deep into enemy lines.[1a]

So great is the weight of their lightning hammers that it would take six mortal men to lift one of the two-handed weapons, but the impact of a perfectly landed strike from one of these hammers results in more than just a crushing blow. A resounding clap of thunder rolls as the hammer blow releases a dazzling flash of crackling sky-magic, blasting the target apart. Such a blow can splinter stone or explode a foe in a shower of burnt gore. Working in unison, their hammers rising and falling as one, a Retributor retinue can batter and break down the most towering of beasts. Even greater daemons would be wise to hesitate before approaching within reach of those energy-laden hammers.[1a]

Retributor retinues are formed from Paladins, the elite heavy infantry of the Stormhosts. They can be found in great numbers in a Stormhost’s Exemplar Chambers, although some retinues can also be found within its Warrior Chambers as well. They are shocktroops ideally suited to assault, and some Stormhosts – such as the Celestial Vindicators and the Astral Knights – feature more retinues of Retributors than of any other type of Paladin. The Blackhammers, too, favour Retributors, for their brand of heavy, bludgeoning destruction is ideal for casting down the fell idols of the Dark Gods.[1a]


Known Retributors


A unit of Retributors has 3 or more members.They are armed with Lightning Hammers. 2 in every 5 may instead be armed with a Starsoul Mace. The leader of this unit is the Retributor-Prime.[1b]