Amongst the upper echelons of Clan Morbidus, the name of Rotfang is infamous. Fanatically devoted to the Great Horned Rat, Rotfang is as driven, heartless and self-interested as skaven come. A master of plague brewing, he has slain entire conclaves of his rivals using concoctions so appallingly potent that they have overcome even the immunity of his fellow Plague Priests. Rotfang is always quick to screech that such weakness proves the unworthiness of the slain, usually while still standing footclaws-deep in their rancid remains. Rotfang has used his position to requisition a significant portion of his clan’s martial strength, leading a Virulent Procession into the heart of the Sorrowoods of Ghyran. Rumour has it that he seeks one of the Libers Pestilent. Rotfang’s rivals hope to seize the unholy tome for themselves once he has secured it, but the Archchanter of Pustulance knows something about this Liber Pestilent that they do not...[1a]


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