Rygorn-Grimnir’s father said he was mad to seek out the Wyrd-Engine, warning only ash and death lay within its heart. Casting aside the grumbled admonition of his lodge elders, the then-Runeson set out with a loyal band of followers. Rygorn was sure if he could find the mythical walking continent, he would find ur-gold in its heart – Grimnir himself had revealed this to the duardin in a dream. As the fates would have it, Rygorn found the great machine, and established his lodge within its belly.[1a]

Rygorn-Grimnir’s people have found incredible wealth in the depths of the Wyrd-Engine, but it has been a hard road. The Wyrd-Engine is a deadly place, and filled with enemies. No fewer than twelve of Rygorn’s sons have been lost in the long war against the skaven. These tragedies are as nothing, though, compared to the loss of the duardin dead – and their ur-gold runes – in the collapsed tunnels. Expeditions to reclaim them have found no trace of the bodies, to the fury of the Runefather.[1a]


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