The Farstriders, another Hammers of Sigmar brotherhood sent to investigate the ruins of Shadespire, did not enter the Mirrored City in the same manner as Steelheart’s Champions. Assigned the task of learning more about the mysterious shadeglass, Sanson Farstrider sent his Star Falcon, Gyrfalche, high above the bleached and tumbled cityscape to spy out potential sites of interest, for much of the city had already been scoured clean. The creature returned to Farstrider before the day was out, telepathically communicating that it had seen a great yawning pit to the north. The Farstriders made it to the edge of the pit the next morning, and stared over the lip to see countless layers of shattered architecture beneath. Using strong hempen ropes, they rappelled down into the underground warren.

The Farstriders kept a careful watch on the dark reaches of their environs, and – when yellow eyes flickered in their torchlight – fought their first engagement still dangling from the ropes, their boltstorm pistols spitting death as they aimed between the eyes of their attackers. Only when the razor-sharp shuriken of their skaven ambushers came in to slash their ropes, rather than being deflected from their sigmarite armour, were Sanson and his fellows overcome. One by one they fell into the inky blackness below, and never hit the bottom.

When the Farstriders awoke, they found themselves in the shattered necropolis of the Mirrored City. They oriented themselves soon enough, but the layout of the cursed city changed with each new dawn, and even Sanson – a consummate tracker and hunter of evils – found himself lost before long. He and his kin have fought countless vile breeds in their quest to escape, and each has died more than once. Sanson is the first to admit that were it not for the sixth sense of the solemn Almeric Eagle-eye, and the expert swordsmanship of the wandering duellist Elias Swiftblade, that number would have been far higher. Since they discovered a relic belonging to one of the ancient Katophranes, they have been under attack near every day, facing skaven, orruks, mercenary duardin, mirror-born doppelgangers and even ghost-like figures in the guise of Stormcast Liberators. Still they fight on, although they see no end in sight.

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