Lord-Celestant Sargassus has already led his Warrior Chamber, the Heavenhost, to glory upon the Igneous Delta and amidst Anvrok’s Hanging Valleys. Sigmar has thus judged it past time that Sargassus and his devoted followers were entrusted with a mission of their own. The quest at hand is one that Lord-Celestant Sargassus is well suited to, for it will require both martial might and a certain diplomatic flair.

In his life before his Reforging, the reformed sellsword Sargusson was a freedom fighter, a fearless war leader possessed of the ability to inspire any warrior of any race to join his cause. Sargusson and his followers struck at the hellish slave-cities all through the Laudnalus Reach liberating human, duardin, orruk and ogor alike and arming them to fight back against their oppressors. Sargusson stayed ahead of the Chaos slavers for almost twenty years before finally being betrayed by one of his own, he and his closest lieutenants cornered in Greyfall Vale and overrun. Sigmar saw the quality of this mercenary-turned-saviour, and spirited him from his doomed last stand to serve a greater cause.


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