Saurus Warriors are reptilian brutes that tear at their foes with fangs and claws even as they bludgeon them with gleaming celestite maces. Their primal savagery is focussed by an unquestioning loyalty, and it is this combination of ferocity and discipline which makes them so deadly.[1a]


The ground shudders under the march of Saurus Warriors, their reverberating growls rolling across the battlefield heralding violence yet to be unleashed. They advance shoulder to shoulder, a wall of scarred, scaly hide, wickedly toothed clubs and bristling spears. Ferocious in the attack, Saurus Warriors are a brutal instrument in the arsenal of the slann that tears out the throat of the enemy.[1a]

The predatory patience of the saurus hides a keen intelligence. Though they seldom speak, saurus understand well the language of war, responding to the tactics of their foes with fearsome and purposeful might. Unlike the baying barbarian hordes of the Dark Gods, the saurus’ rage is tempered by an instinctive adherence to order.[1a]

Saurus obey the will of their leaders with a single-mindedness that goes beyond loyalty, and they strike without hesitation or mercy when the unspoken command to attack is given.[1a]

Massed ranks of Saurus Warriors are devastating. With their stardrake icon held aloft above a line of scaled and bladed shields, they smash apart enemy formations and are nigh-on unstoppable.[1a]


Saurus Warriors are usually armed with either Celestite Clubs or Celestite Spears. They also have fearsome jaws and carry Stardrake Shields. Saurus can often be seen mounted on Cold Ones. In this case they are armed with Celestite Blades and Celestite Lances, while also having Powerful Jaws and Stardrake Shields. They are led by an Alpha Knight and may carry a Stardrake Icon and wardrum.[1b]


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