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A furious tide of tattooed green flesh, the Savage Orruks tear ragged holes in the enemy lines. As the Bonesplitterz' numbers build, so too does their fury, the power of the Waaagh! growing stronger in the presence of teeming mobs of orruks until they become a raging storm of grinning maws, meaty fists and crude weapons.[2]


Sometimes, orruks from the various clans in the Mortal Realms just sort of... wander off. Often, they end up in a Gob Rukk of the Bonesplitterz; they’ll abandon complexities of life like metal weapons and clothing, cover themselves in scrawled tattoos and lash together a basic flint spear. This might make them sound a bit primitive and weak – this is far from the case, as Savage Orruks, enthralled and driven by Waaagh! energy, band together in their hundreds to become an unstoppable avalanche of maddened green flesh, rolling across the realms and ruining everything in their path.[1]

Wargear and abilities

Units of Savage Orruks have 10 or more warriors, led by a Boss. They are armed with either chompas or stikkas, and carry bone shields. Some of them may become Skull Thumpers, and some may carry bone totems.[2]