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Once a mighty champion in the service of the Blood God, the warrior known as Scyla, the Talon of Khorne was transformed into a monstrous Spawn by his patron’s dark gifts. All that remains of Scyla is the burning need to kill, and he has smashed a bloody path across the realms in his endless rampage; he is the Talon of Khorne.[1a]


The very ground trembles as the great beast Scyla charges into battle. His roar is like a volcanic eruption, his rage its incandescent fires. A single blow from his boulder-like fists is enough to cave in a castle wall, or crush a fully armoured Stormcast Eternal like a tin flagon. Scyla never sleeps, never tires, never stops. His existence is an endless onslaught of death and destruction, fuelled by the fires of rage that Khorne set blazing in his soul.[1a]

None know who Scyla was before his monstrous transformation, nor what atrocities he wrought in the Blood God’s name to be so cruelly blessed. What is known is that, as the Age of Chaos dawned, Scyla was trapped, deep within the Crystal Labyrinth of Tzeentch. Long had the great beast raged at his incarceration, trammelled in a web of maddening illusions that seemed utterly inescapable. Yet as Khorne’s warriors swept across the Mortal Realms his power grew great, and the Blood God became aware of his servant’s predicament. Khorne roared with outrage to see Scyla trapped in Tzeentch’s web and, rising from his throne, hurled a great brass skull across the Realm of Chaos. Blazing with daemonfire, the huge missile span down to smash through the crystalline walls of Scyla’s impossible prison. Surrounded by spinning crystal shards, the bellowing Spawn was carried in the brass skull’s wake, plunging down through the rent it tore in reality and into the Mortal Realms. Scyla fell like a fiery meteor, plunging into the scrap-iron wastes of Swynedane with such force that a vast crater was blasted in the rusting plains. Scrapfist tribesmen gathered to stare at the glowing impact site in their midst. They were the first to die as Scyla rose, roaring furiously from the crater to begin his savage massacres anew. Since that day the great beast has fought countless foes across the Realms, often battling alongside the hordes of the Bloodbound. The arrival of Khorne’s favoured Spawn is seen by the Bloodbound as a mighty sign of their deity’s favour, and if a few of their own are claimed by the beast’s fury it is simply seen as yet another tribute to the Blood God for his manifold blessings.[1a]


Any who oppose him are either crushed by his Brutal Fists or torn apart by his snapping Serpentine Tail. The Brass Collar of Khorne embedded into Scyla’s neck allows him to unbind spells in the same manner as a wizard.[1b]