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The weapons of the Seraphon. Seraphon weapons are forged from the glimmering star-metals and sun-stone of Azyr. Fashioned into the shape of spears, clubs and blades by skink weapon-crafters, they are as fragments of the heavens given potent form upon the Mortal Realms. In the hands of the seraphon the weapons’ celestial magic grows, drawing strength from the star warriors, who in turn wield them with deadly skill.

Melee Weapons

  • Terradon's Razor Sharp Beak.
  • Ripperdactyl's Slashing Claws.
  • Ripperdactyl's Vicious Beak.
  • Carnosaur’s Clawed Forelimbs - Used by a Carnosaur to grip their prey.
  • Carnosaur’s Massive Jaws - Used by a Carnosaur to rip apart their prey being held in their forelimbs. They are best suited devouring other monsters.
  • Ancient Spirits' Spectral Claws - The weapons used by the spirits which surround Kroak. The claws are especially effective against the forces of Chaos and can damage multiple enemies.
  • Fearsome Jaw.
  • Powerful Jaw.
  • Spiked Tail.
  • Fierce Bite.
  • Corrosive Bite.
  • Ornate Club.
  • Moonstone Club.
  • Star-stone Mace.
  • Golden Sickle.
  • Celestite Blade.
  • Celestite Club.
  • Celestite Greatblade.
  • Celestite Polearm.
  • Celestite Spear.
  • Celestite Warblade.
  • Celestite War-mace.
  • Celestite War-pick.
  • Celestite War-spear.
  • Sunstone Spear - A shimmering blade used by Kroq-Gar.
  • Suntooth Maul.
  • Astromancer's Staff.
  • Star-stone Staff.
  • Azure Lightning - A weapon found on the palanquins which carry Slann. The weapon manifests itself as immolating lightning which destroys nearby enemies.
  • Tide of Serpents.

Missile Weapons

  • Volley of Spikes.
  • Golden Blowpipe of P'toohee.
  • Meteoric Javelin.
  • Sunbolt Gauntlet - A weapon wielded by Kroq-Gar which projects bolts of fire.
  • Boltspitter.
  • Blowpipe.
  • Dartpipe - Fires envenomed darts.
  • Stream of Fire.


  • Aeon Shield.
  • Stardrake Shield.
  • Cloak of Feathers.
  • Star Buckler.


  • Star-venom.
  • Stardrake Icon.