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A creature of endless hate and unstoppable savagery, Skaarac the Bloodborn is a beast of venerated legend among the devoted of Khorne. He is said by some to be a fallen Daemon, others claim he is no more than a mindless beast of prodigious power while some claim he is a rogue experiment of the terrible arts of the Zharr, and others yet name him as the oldest and most powerful of the Khorgoraths; a murderous plaything mutilated into being by Khorne’s own hand. Regardless, Skaarac has rampaged across the battlefields of the Mortal Realms for uncounted ages, and countless lives have been ended by his savagery, and yet it is not enough. For not even death has ended his slaughter, for he has been slain before by mighty warlords and the champions of the gods, but it is said that as the Realms turn, from some gore-soaked charnel pit, drawn from Khorne’s side by the drums of war, he always rises once again, unstoppable.[1][2]


In combat he slashes apart his enemies with the brutal blades embedded into his arms and tramples their broken bodies beneath his hooves. Those who would flee beyond his reach, he can destroy by vomiting forth a torrent of unhallowed blood as hot as molten iron. Should Skaarac’s mortal form be slain, it perishes in a welter of scalding blood and blazing soul-fire.[2]