The Bloodthirster Skarbrand is fury made flesh. The deadliest of all Khorne’s servants, he was once a force so powerful that he toppled cities and tore apart civilisations upon the edges of his daemonic axes. The flames of Skarbrand’s fearsome pride were fanned by devious Tzeentch, and as the centuries bled past Skarbrand came to believe himself invincible, more potent even than his patron Khorne. Climbing to the top of the Skull Throne, Skarbrand levelled a mighty blow at the Blood God’s neck, but did nothing more than scratch his armour. Khorne’s rage was incandescent. The Blood God took Skarbrand in his claw and flung him across creation as a burning red fireball, the Bloodthirster’s face torn apart and his wings crackling away to skeletal ruin. Since that day Khorne has hurled Skarbrand into a hundred different wars, his unforgiven progeny’s bitter rage so intense it gives him incredible power – and even inflames the souls of those who witness it.[1a]


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