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Skarr Bloodwrath is one of Khorne's most favoured, an immortal berserker who is endlessly reborn from the spilt lifeblood of those he slays. Nothing slows Skarr's killing frenzy for even a moment, and few thoughts remain within his mind that are not of death or destruction.[1a]

To face Skarr Bloodwrath is to stand against the unbridled rage of Khorne. Screaming with mindless fury, Bloodwrath hurls himself into battle like a wild beast. [1a]

His Bloodstorm Blades whirl around him in tight arcs, leaving crimson contrails of blood as they open throats, sever limbs and lop off heads like a razor-edged cyclone.[1a]

Foes rarely get close enough to land a blow on him without being sliced into a blizzard of wet viscera.[1a]

Even should Skarr be slain by sufficiently determined or devious foes, he will not stay dead. So long as Khorne's power flows through the Mortal Realms, Skarr Bloodwrath will always be reborn. Sometimes his return will be almost instantaneous, while on other occasions he has remained dead for years, even decades at a time. [1a]

There were several periods during the Age of Chaos when Bloodwrath faded into legend entirely. Yet whenever great enough slaughter is perpetrated by the worshippers of Khorne, wherever blood flows in lakes and rivers, there Skarr rises once again. [1a]

Blood begins to bubble and steam, churning like the surface of a gore-filled cauldron until Skarr rises, red and dripping, from its depths. The Khornate Slaughterpriests claim that the rebirth of Skarr Bloodwrath is a great sign of Khorne's favour, and certainly carnage on an epic scale follows Skarr wherever he goes.[1a]

Bloodwrath is not a warlord in any traditional sense. He has no interest in strategy or conquest, only murder. Despite this, vast hordes of Bloodbound are drawn to Skarr like carrion to a corpse. Wrathmongers, in particular, collect around him, their combined violence summoning a roaring, bloody hurricane that lashes the foe with its elemental ferocity.

Though Skarr Bloodwrath's psychotic belligerence inevitably leads his followers to a violent end, the destruction they cause first is the stuff of dark legend. Bloodwrath is a horror story made real, a figure of terror in every realm, and many believe his rampage will never truly end unless Khorne himself falls from power.[1a]


Skarr Bloodwrath is armed with the Bloodstorm Blades.[1b]