The Skaven are true creatures of Chaos, a teeming race of mutant ratmen with a megalomaniacal desire to rule all. They are anarchic, conniving creatures, self-serving back-stabbers who proliferate in the dark corners of the Mortal Realms and beyond.


Scuttling through the shadows, the skaven infest the realms in numbers so great that – were they known – they would drive the other races to madness and despair. In foetid tunnels and war-torn ruins, amidst shadowed forests and beneath crumbling peaks, the skaven multiply by the day.

As ingenious as they are cowardly and spiteful, the deranged ratmen tamper with the very fabric of reality. They concoct monstrous plagues and invent appalling weapons of war, gnawing tunnels through the roots of the realms to spy and slaughter where they please. Every skaven holds the unshakeable conviction that he is a genius, born to lead the swarming armies of conquest to war – from an honoured position at the rear, of course.

This maniacal desire for power stems from the skaven deity, the Great Horned Rat. Skaven legend tells that, during the last days of the world-that-was, he became so powerful that the Gods of Chaos themselves were compelled to admit the Horned Rat to their ranks. Thus was he able to spread his children across the Mortal Realms, and though the other Dark Gods see this newcomer as little more than an amusing distraction, the rat-god plans to prove them wrong. The verminous empires of the skaven have grown great during the dominion of Chaos, and the Horned Rat’s children see much. Each day they lay new plans for conquest and domination, and it may be that before long, the Horned Rat will provide his mocking allies with a terrible surprise.

Known Clans

  • Clans Skryre.
  • Clans Moulder.
  • Clan Eshin
  • Clans Pestilens.
  • Clan Morbidus.
  • Clan Scurvy
  • Clan Mors
  • Clan Rictus
  • Clan Feesik
  • Clan Septik
  • Clan Ektrik
  • Clan Flem
  • Clan Kreepus
  • Clan Krizzor
  • Clan Treecherik
  • Clan Vrrtkin
  • Clan Carion
  • Clan Ferrik
  • Clan Fester
  • Clan Gritak
  • Clan Rikek
  • Clan Mordkin
  • Clan Skab