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Skinks Warriors bombard their foes from all directions with crackling volleys of celestial energy and meteor-likeprojectiles. Even as their opponents try to bring them to battle, the diminutive seraphon slip away intothe shadows, ready to appear without warning once more and bring death to their enemies.[1a]


Nimble and clever, skinks are the skirmishers of the seraphon armies. Inbattle they form swarms of warriors that move quickly around the enemy’s flanks, ducking in and out of terrain whilst peppering the foe with meteoric javelins and arcane darts. In greater numbers they grow deadlier still, the light of their weapons burning brighter as they are fuelled by the collective celestial essence of the skinks.[1a]

Standing but chest-high to most men, skinks are nonetheless dangerous fighters, and are easily a match for their mortal counterparts. Chirping and clicking in their alien language, these intelligent creatures excel at coordinated attacks – by working in perfect unison with one another, their cohorts strike at the enemy’s weak spots or overwhelm unprepared targets.[1a]

Skinks temper the saurus’ battle-fury with a hunter’s patience, for where their larger cousins might try and smash their way through an obstacle or foe the skinks will often seek a more cunning path to victory. In battle, this makes skinks tricky foes, as they seek out hidden pitfalls and aspects of the battlefield they can turn to their advantage, striking at their enemies from an unexpected quarter.[1a]


A unit of Skinks wield Meteoric Javelins and carry Star-bucklers. Others loose crackling projectiles from Boltspitters and either wield Moonstone Clubs or carry Star-bucklers, while some fight up close with Moonstone Clubs and Star-bucklers. The leader of this unit is the Alpha. A unit of Skink Handlers is equipped with a Goad-spear, which they use to encourage seraphon warbeasts to advance on the foe, or to jab at enemies who get too close.[1b][1c]