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Heads are hacked from necks like wheat before the scythe as the Skullfiend Tribe attack. Possessed of a manic desire to claim the skulls of all who stand before them, the aptly-named Skullfiends are led into battle by the murderous psychopath known as Lord Skardrax the Slayer. The furious roars and cruel, bellowed laughter of this Juggernaut-mounted monster resound across the battlefield, rising above the cacophony of war as axes crunch through bone and the dying emit their final screams.[1a][2a]

The Skullfiend Tribe believe that the only true way to honour the Blood God is by taking the heads of every foe they face. Their massed ranks of Skullreapers have thus refined decapitation into a savage art form, one they are only too eager to practise upon all who stand before them. This berserk tribe leaves great trails of beheaded corpses in its wake, fleshy chaff abandoned to the crows. Prized heads are slung into sacks or lashed to belts, that they might be flensed and offered up as tribute to almighty Khorne.[1a][2a]

Known members of the Skullfiend Tribe

  • Vrak Brazenfist: The greatest Deathbringer of the Skullfiend Tribe. His armour is picked out in the black and brass of his Warhorde.
  • Kordrok: Gorechosen Slaughterpriest and mighty seer. His axe bears the rune of Khorne, that it may better drink the blood of foes.