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Khorne is a warrior god. Just as the battlefield is his blood-slick fane, so weapons are his tools of worship. Those who craft blades for the Bloodbound are high in Khorne’s favour, and first amongst these are the fearsome warrior-smiths known as Skullgrinders.[1b]


As they fight for their life against the Bloodbound hordes, a warrior may chance to see the hulking form of the Skullgrinder loom from amidst the madness. For a moment, they stare in awe at the smouldering anvil that he hefts upon its chain. Then, as the Skullgrinder begins to swing this slab of metal in lethal arcs, the warrior’s eyes widen in horrified comprehension. With a chain link rattle like a portcullis falling, the anvil snakes out, obliterating its victim from the neck up in a shower of blood and bone.[1b]

When the Age of Chaos began, the gods bequeathed gifts to their mortal worshippers to aid them in their conquests. Many Bloodbound tribes received brass anvils of Khorne to carry with them into their wars. Not only were the anvils used to smith the most lethal blades, but also as brazen altars upon which captives were sacrificed. Many of the skulls in the osseous mountain that holds aloft the Blood God’s throne were smashed upon these gore-stained anvils. In return, Khorne imbued the weapons of his servants with the raging heat of his own daemonic forge.[1b]

To this day, none know from where the Skullgrinders hail. They simply appeared, striding from the wilderness. As each Skullgrinder came upon a Bloodbound encampment, he marched straight to the sacrificial anvil that lay at its heart, smashing aside any who challenged him. Legend speaks of fiery light that blazed from each anvil as the Skullgrinders drew close, daemonic fire roaring forth to drive all others back. It is said that the Skullgrinders reeled long brass chains from thin air, links still glowing as though pulled from the heart of the forge. Wordlessly, the warrior-smiths took those chains and attached them to the anvils of Khorne, hammers striking thunderclap booms as they forged the bond. Daemons danced amid the flames, and the Bloodbound fell to their knees in awe.[1b]

Since those days, the Skullgrinders have become the keepers of the anvils of Khorne. Many Skullgrinders join with one Bloodbound tribe or another for a time, forging their weapons and fighting alongside them before leaving as suddenly as they came. Wherever they go, their favour with the Blood God is clear for all to see. Where once skulls had to be brought to the anvils for smashing, now the Skullgrinders have reversed the process, hurling forth their chained anvils to bludgeon and crush with all the force of a gargant’s fist. So do they summon the forgefire blessings of Khorne; each skull claimed causes the blades of the Bloodbound to glow hotter and brighter, until they melt armour to slag and roast living flesh upon the bone.[1b]

Known Skullgrinders


A Skullgrinder swings a heavy Brazen Anvil with terrifying ease, which he uses to obliterate the Blood God’s enemies.[1d]