A rebellious sorcerer with ambitions of conquest, Grey Seer Skurrik is utterly obsessed with the energy that drives living things. For years he has haunted the fringes of Rotwater Blight, preying upon the fallen in his quest to understand the magics of life itself. Skurrik desires to create an army of arcane super-beings, with which he hopes to assume rulership of the skaven Masterclan. Such plans were but fever-dreams until the onset of Sigmar’s Tempest. However, having learned of the storm-born power that fuels Sigmar’s warriors, Skurrik knows he has found his raw material. To this end, the Grey Seer struck a bargain with Vermalanx the Corruptor. In exchange for a single – admittedly dangerous – theft, Skurrik has been taught a mighty spell that can bind even a Stormcast Eternal for capture. Congratulating himself on manipulating the rat-daemon, Skurrik has allied himself with Vermalanx’s forces. Such a powerful fiend would surely see battle against the storm-things soon enough, and when he did, Skurrik would be ready to pounce.[1a]


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