The word Skyrigger describes two different troop types
Endrinriggers & Skywardens

Skywardens & Endrinriggers.

equipped with back-mounted aether-endrins that grant the wearer the power of flight.[1a]

Skywardens are elite members of the Arkanaut crews, a form of aerial cavalry that can scramble to aid the fleets. They use potent, heat-generating vulcaniser pistols to fell foes before lowering their skypikes and charging in to finish them off. Each Skywarden is equipped with skymines for harrying flying foes, and a timed explosive. These charges are the perfect weapon to aid the Skywardens' hit-and-run attacks, for their delayed detonations cause chaos among the foe, allowing the duardin to jet away in a blast of aether-exhaust.[1a]

In order to conserve fuel, Skyriggers often hook onto Arkanaut Ironclads or Frigates and trail behind the airships, detaching themselves and flying away as targets of opportunity arise.[1a]



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