The sorcerer Slaugoth Maggotfang is usually a merry and jocular fellow, for he long ago made his peace with the bone-deep diseases that enable him to channel Nurgle’s power. However, since the intrusion of the Stormcast Eternals into what he sees as his master’s rightful domain, Slaugoth’s good humour has drained away. At the Rotfane, the sludge-walled keep the sorcerer used as his power base, Slaugoth fought against Gardus and the Lord-Relictor Morbus. The storm of filth he brought upon the invaders was thwarted by the power of Sigmar’s Tempest, and the Rotfane was torn down. Slaugoth escaped, seething with hatred. Before long he had allied with Ethrac Glott, a sorcerer of surpassing power. Together the twisted disciples of the Plague God have summoned Nurgle’s Deluge, an unholy monsoon so powerful it has breached the river gates of Athelwyrd and even contested Sigmar’s divine thunder for control of the skies. If Slaugoth has his way, the entire Hidden Vale will fill with noisome fluid, claimed forever in the name of Nurgle’s infinite putrescence.


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