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Where other sylvaneth are graceful and suffused with life magic,


the Spite-Revenants are shrieking terrors from the depths of a nightmare. Light and shadow flicker weirdly around these ghastly creatures as they tear and bite at their victims, rending to bloody tatters any who do not simply fling down their weapons and flee.[2][3]


Making up the bulk of the Outcast warriors, echoing the noble Households, Spite-Revenants scream a constant dirge of sanity-destroying cacophony, drenching themselves in the blood of the foe and committing acts of horrifying savagery. Fires of absolute madness burn bright in their hateful eyes as they dance through enemy ranks with cruel talons slashing and fangs bared. These twisted spirits are quite mad, for they are cut off from all but the darkest harmonies of the spirit-song. Their minds exist in a terrible void, though whether this is a symptom of their condition or its cause is unclear. The Outcasts perceive only the song of war, and thus interact with their uncorrupted kin only when the sylvaneth muster for battle. Even then, the Outcasts stand apart from the clans, a situation that Alarielle’s untainted children strive to maintain. After all, no one is really sure whether the Outcasts’ madness is contagious…[1]

Spite-Revenants gather to the muster in numbers that echo the noble Households. These terrible creatures hurl themselves into battle, dancing wildly through the enemy ranks with talons slashing and fangs bared. The fires of madness burn in their eyes, and the shadows churn and flicker weirdly all about them. Where Dryads sing a war dirge in battle, Spite-Revenants scream a sawing, nerve-shredding cacophony of horror and hate fit to drive mortal minds beyond the brink of sanity. They drench themselves in the blood of the foe, perpetrating acts of murderous butchery that shock even the bitterest sylvaneth.[3a]

Wargear and abilities

Spite-Revenants attack in groups of at least five warriors, led by a Shadestalker. They need no crafted weapons, tormenting their prey before tearing them apart with their cruel talons.[2][3c]

They are surrounded by haunting, susurrating voices which hiss threats in an unknowable tongue, and they are rightly feared for the cruel delight they take in granting their prey slow, lingering deaths.[2][3c]