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Mighty Stegadons loom above the cohorts, their earth-shaking tread keeping time with the beat of war-drums. Tethered to their armored hides are mystical engines of destruction crewed by cunning Skinks, which devastate masses of the foe with torrents of crackling missiles and solar flame.[1a]


Herds of Stegadons are nigh unstoppable as they crash through the midst of battle, for each one is a living, bellowing war-engine. Enemy swords and spears merely glance from armored hides, shrugged off as a man might wade through a cloud of blood-flies. Only the most powerful weapons have a chance of stopping a Stegadon’s momentum, and often even these are repelled by its bone-crested head – sorcerous flame and solid shot alike scattering harmlessly on impact.[1a]

Such is the size and strength of the Stegadon that it easily carries a howdah filled with Skinks upon its broad back. These agile hunters operate enormous skystreak bows that send arrows of celestial light roaring across the battlefield, or great sunfire throwers which bathe the enemy in a torrent of raging flames. As these mighty weapons of destruction take their toll upon the foe, other skinks hurl down meteoric javelins, each crackling missile exploding among the ranks of the enemy below.[1a]

Stegadons are also well known for their monstrous stubbornness, and once one of the mighty beasts lowers its head and bulls into the enemy it will rarely if ever retreat, no matter the odds. To those Seraphon fighting nearby this is an inspiring sight, the warriors drawing strength from the mighty beast’s example and fighting all the harder.[1a]

When the need is great, a Slann may summon a Stegadon carrying a mysterious Engine of the Gods. Though often unpredictable in its effects, this wondrous device can summon raging celestial infernos and even restore the magical forms of the seraphon.[1a]

The Engine of the Gods’ most powerful attribute is stranger still: this arcane device has the ability to slow the passage of time itself. To the enemy, it appears as though the entire Seraphon host moves and attacks at lightning speed – even the gigantic Stegadons seem to run roughshod over their foes as though the beasts weighed no more than the darting skinks upon their backs.[1a]


A Stegadon impales enemies upon its Massive Horns and pounds them with its Crushing Stomps. From its howdah, the Stegadon’s skink crew hurl Meteoric Javelins that streak outwards in the form of shooting stars. The howdah also supports either a mighty Skystreak Bow or a set of Sunfire Throwers, and some Stegadons bear a Skink Alpha to battle, who directs nearby units from his lofty perch.[1b]