The skink Priest Taktak'rillo is the master of the cerulean rites, the Azyrite star rituals that grant celestial blessings upon a seraphon starhost. Lord Xen'phantica favours Taktak'rillo, for not only is his star sign in ascension, but it also blends perfectly with the slann’s own Red Eclipse. Thus, the two share harmonic qualities, and Lord Xen’phantica can easily pour his own prodigious magics through the Skink Priest with none of the painful after-effects associated with using an arcane vassal with a different celestial hemisphere. At the Battle of Sunken Isles, it was Taktak’rillo’s ability to predict the actions of his foes that allowed the seraphon to counter enemy assaults and, at last, wreck the Idols of Gizta. Taktak’rillo has been slain many times, most spectacularly by the greater daemon Kiathanus at the dawn of the Age of Chaos. Yet Lord Xen’phantica always reconjures his favoured skink – reshaping him out of memory and star magic, only occasionally forgetting the exact pattern of feathers Taktak’rillo prefers to wear in his cloak.


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