The Aether-Khemists are alchemic scientists. It is with their knowledge that even cloud-obscured aether-gold seams can be located and followed.

The Aetherhe Aether-Khemists Guild symbol.jpg

Indeed, it is only by the genius of their guild's inventions that aether-gold can be siphoned from clouds and refined into a solid substance. The guild trains its members to use a wide range of gadgets, including analytic re-cogitators, heliotropic distillators and the God's Lung. Yet their methods are not solely experimental in nature, for an Aether-Khemist must also learn to grade the quality of aether-gold through the only means known - by smell. Aether-Khemists maintain guilds in all but the smallest of sky-ports, but Barak-Urbaz has by far the greatest number, and their members are renowned for their skill at wringing aether-gold from the air.


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