The Bleak Horde of King Thrond has subsumed, corrupted or slain every one of the tribes that eked a living on the Great Crucible’s edge. Though the Hanging Valleys are rich in every precious metal known to man, metals from Anvrok can change from solid to liquid or from gold to lead in the cycle of a moon – and when every man claims riches, notions of wealth are obsolete. Gold and silver are of little use in the brutal economy of the blade and the dagger – since the Age of Chaos, violence has become the only true currency. In this, the Bleak Horde is rich indeed. Many are its iron-clad tribes – the body of King Thrond’s horde numbers in the thousands. But it is the chariot-riding aristocracy of the Great Crucible that is to be feared the most. Exceptional bladesmen to a man, they ride to war in chariots pulled by brutal gorebeasts that can rip a man’s head off as easily as a child might pluck the legs from a fly.[1a]


The cruel servants of the Sorcerer Ephyrx and Chaos Lord Thrond radiate menace and power. Many bear the twisted sigil of almighty Tzeentch with them to war upon their standards and shields, bellowing praise to the Changer of the Ways that he might steer their fates towards glory and conquest rather than bloody defeat.[1b]

Multicoloured flames dance around screaming, unnatural blades, while weird, warped notes skirl from their war horns to pluck at the strands of their foes’ sanity.[1b]

Ephryx’ towering warriors wear spiked plate armour of silver-blue hue, within whose plates the reflected light bends and warps in unnatural ways. Gold detail stands out brash upon shield and blade, while weapons flicker with the pink and blue fires of change.[1b]

Not all of the Bleak Horde worship Tzeentch; others march in simple, barbarous black. Still, as masters of the crucible they carry weapons and shields crafted from silver, bronze and iron, upon which the sigils of the dark gods stand stark and proud.[1b]


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