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The Realmgate Wars: Quest for Ghal Maraz is the first book in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Realmgate Wars series. Within its pages you’ll find details of the thrilling narrative as the Stormcast Eternals press on in their quest to recover Sigmar’s sacred hammer, with in-depth descriptions and backgrounds of all the factions involved. Detailed stage-by-stage painting guides are included, with beautiful, evocative photography and artwork.As well as all this, you’ll find a wealth of battleplans, warscrolls and Time Of War rules, as well as all the rules required to play exciting games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.


The mortal realms hang in the balance...

The whereabouts of Sigmar’s sacred hammer, the weapon of legend known as Ghal Maraz, has been discovered. Reclamation is the foremost goal on the mind of the God-King, who sends twelve Stormhosts to the Hanging Valleys of Anvrok, determined to retrieve it at any cost. Meanwhile, in the foetid reaches of Rotwater Blight, the search for Alarielle’s Hidden Vale continues apace. Can the Stormcast Eternals forge an alliance with the Sylvaneth before the pestilent tide of Nurgle’s foul magic consumes their world entirely?



  • The Dawn of a New Age
  • The Storm Rages On
  • Sigmar's Last Battle
  • The Realmgate Wars
  • Making Your Mark On the Mortal Realms
  • A Call to War
  • The Vaults of Sigmaron
  • Vandus Hammerhand
  • The Lost Warhammer
  • The Quest Begins
  • The Heldenhammer Crusade
  • Unto The Shattered City
  • War in the Gilded Ruins
  • Battleplan - The Cursed City
  • The Battle of Argent Falls
  • Battleplan - Death At The Dais
  • Celestial Vindicators
  • The Blighted Realm
  • Ghyran's Plight
  • Lord-Celestant Gardus
  • To Silence The Dirge
  • Torglug the Despised
  • Blare of the Dirgehorn
  • Battleplan - Spellbreakers
  • Stopping the Rot
  • Kratsik of the Red Boil
  • Amid the Murk
  • Vermalanx the Corruptor
  • The Battle for the Glade
  • Battleplan - Out of the Mist
  • The Grand Congregation
  • The Great Crucible
  • A Gruelling Climb
  • To Span the Silver Sea
  • The Last Ascent
  • Battleplan - Battle Against Time
  • The Bleak Horde
  • War of Life
  • The Oak of Ages Past
  • The Battle of Rotwater
  • Battleplan - Kill the Beast
  • War in the Hidden Vale
  • Alarielle, Queen of the Radiant Wood
  • Battleplan - War of Storms
  • Hallowed Knights
  • The Heart of Chamon
  • Return to the Fortress
  • Battleplan - Cast Adrift
  • Betrayal and Triumph
  • Legends of War


  • WS Lord-Celestant on Dracoth
  • WS Lord-Celestant
  • WS Lord-Relictor
  • WS Lord-Castellant
  • WS Liberators
  • WS Judicators
  • WS Retributors
  • WS Protectors
  • WS Decimators
  • WS Prosecutors
  • WS Gryph-hounds
  • WS Mighty Lord of Khorne
  • WS Exalted Deathbringer
  • WS Bloodsecrator
  • WS Bloodreavers
  • WS Blood Warriors
  • WS Wrathmongers
  • WS Plague Priest
  • WS Plague Monks
  • WS Plague Furnace
  • WS Verminlord Corruptor
  • WS The Glottkin
  • WS Morbidex Twiceborn
  • WS Lord of Plagues
  • WS Gutrot Spume
  • WS Putrid Blightkings
  • WS Nurglings
  • WS Chaos Spawn

Warscroll Battalions

  • WSB Thunderstrike Brotherhood
  • WSB Devastation Brotherhood
  • WSB Annihilation Brotherhood
  • WSB Vengeful Skullhunt
  • WSB Pestilent Clawpack
  • WSB Bringers of the Rotsmog
  • WSB Blighted Warband
  • WSB Nurgle's Deluge

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