The Treelord Thellembhol was once supple as a willow, content to blow this way and that with the prevailing wind. Since the coming of Chaos, he has become as sharp and deadly as a splinter. He cannot bear to see his native forests defiled by Nurgle, nor to see his queen so distraught at what has befallen her realm. Worse still, she has of late grown distant and morose. It is not merely tainted flesh and steel that Thellembhol fights every new day, but the corruption of the soul that leads to apathy and despair.

Thellembhol recently left Alarielle’s side to strike hard at the invaders of their realm. By joining forces with the Lady of Vines, he intended to win his mistress the gift of hope. However, in the ensuing battle, Thellembhol lost his twin brother Lorhaldh to the poisons of Clan Pestilens. Since that day his rage has been incandescent, and he has grasped every opportunity he can find to strike back at the Chaos invaders.


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