Like all the Celestial Vindicators, vengeance was ever foremost upon Thostos’ mind. The firstborn son of the guild-king Glothian, Thostos returned from a slayerquest to find his people butchered in his absence. His guilt-haunted rampage was halted only when Sigmar granted his wish for an eternity in which to enact revenge. Such was the fury of the young prince’s desire that the God-King’s knew immediately which stormhost to place him in. As a Lord-Celestant of the Celestial Vindicators, it was Thostos who led the initial attack against the Eldritchmel Ghal Maraz, undoing the works of the sorcerer Ephryx. During the battle, the Lord-Celestant was turned to living sigmarite by wild transformative power, but still he fought on. Only a spell of surpassing power halted his wild attack. Reforged in Sigmar’s vaults, Thostos’ body is flesh once more, but echoes of his strange death persist. Though immortal, each Stormcast stands to lose much with each Reforging.


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