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Son of Grungni and Vhulkhaya and co-creator of the Khazalid runes, this is the Ancestor god is the patron of runesmithing. Legend tells of how he journeyed to Brin Ankor, where he created the art of Runecraft. Runesmiths follow his teachings to the letter- if not they would be performing magic. (which is deemed a horrible crime by Duardin.) Though it is not known how, Thungni kept the knowledge of his craft during the Age of Chaos. His commandments read as:

-Never reveal the secrets of Runesmithing to any but your chosen apprentices and trustworthy Duardin.

-Never allow a Rune-forged item to fall into the hands of the enemy, even if it means the object is lost or destroyed.

-Always investigate rumours of lost Rune-forged items and recover them if possible.

-Never allow any non-Duardin who has somehow acquired the knowledge of Runesmithing to pass on their knowledge- this includes humans who style themselves as Rune-masters.

-Never allow one’s reputation to be sullied by poor craftsmanship.