Tornus the Redeemed, once known as Torglug the Despised, is the first of a new breed of Stormcast Eternal. A native of the Realm of Life, he was born Tornus of the Everdawn Tribe, the ancestral guardians of the sacred water-springs known as the Lifewells. When the armies of Nurgle came for the Everdawn Tribe, Tornus fought long and hard to protect those holy sites. When he was finally overcome, he was thrown into the Pit of Filth, and every manner of foulness the Nurgle hosts could find was pitched in with him. Befouled in mind and body, Tornus knew the only way to escape death was to embrace Nurgle. After seventy-seven painful nights he finally gave in, and was corrupted despite – or perhaps because of – his stubborn heroics. Thus was Tornus transformed into Torglug. Rising through the ranks of the Rotbringers, Torglug received foul blessings from his new patron, growing to lead vast armies in the Plague God’s name. Turning against his former allies, Torglug seeded the lands of Ghyran with pestilence and plague – earning the name the Despised by those who once called him brother. Pleased with his offerings, Nurgle rewarded Torglug with a bodyguard of Putrid Blightkings and the honour of corrupting the Lifewells he had once stood sentinel over. It was a task the Nurgle lord accepted with twisted pride, raising the fortifications known as the Fangs of Decay to cage the power of life. He led the invasion that drove Alarielle from her final haven, and he almost captured the goddess before he was bested by the newly risen Celestant-Prime.[1a][2a]

Recognising a buried seed of valour within him, the avatar of Sigmar smote Torglug with Ghal Maraz, killing him, but also redeeming what remained of his long-buried soul. That essence blazed to Sigmaron, where Tornus was reforged as a Knight-Venator. Thus, Tornus returned to Ghyran, seeking vengeance. He slew Bloab Rotspawned during the War for the Scabrous Sprawl and joined the search for the source of the poisoned fog that hung over the Genesis Gate. In the battle that followed he slew the Great Unclean One Pustrol, allowing Alarielle to overcome the Glottkin, the triplets that led the forces of Nurgle. The Genesis Gate was won that day, but still Tornus fears that he and his adoptive Stormhost will stand forever apart.[1a][2a]


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