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Treelord Ancients are the rulers of the sylvaneth enclaves.

Treelord Ancients.

Amongst the sylvaneth, there are few qualities as respected as age and wisdom, and the Ancients possess both in great measure. It is for this reason that Alarielle entrusts them with the governance of her children, and it is to the credit of the Treelord Ancients that they have rarely steered their people wrong.[1a]


The Ancients are also the foremost mystics of their people, gifted in the use of life magic. In battle, they send tangling masses of roots and thorns to tear enemies apart, they shield their allies with whirling barriers of windand twining vines, and even conjure up Wyldwoods from the realmroots far below. As they hurl their magics and lay about themselves with root and stave, the Ancients commit every detail to memory. Even in the direst of circumstances, the Ancients are able to keep some part of their minds serene, taking in every nuance of the events around them. They know the face and name of every spirit that follows them into battle, and weave into their memories every aspect and echo of their enemies. They do this to better preserve their recollections within their lamentiri, so that they can be passed to later generations. Those memories can also be recalled at will with absolute clarity, allowing Ancients access to centuries of strategic insight.[1a][1b]

Known Treelord Ancients

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A Treelord Ancient is armed with Massive Impaling Talons, and can also attack with devastating Sweeping Blows, or from afar with its Doom Tendril Staff.[1c]