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Treelords and Treelord Ancients are incredibly wise, powerful


and long-lived beings. They are foremost amongst the Noble Spirits, fulfilling roles such as clan lords, lore masters, royal guards and captains of the Household. These are titles that echo down from memories of past generations, and the Treelords instinctively comprehend their significance and duties. These beings are beloved of all sylvaneth, so much so that swarms of spites often infest their branches and craggy hides.[1a]


Treelords and Ancients are suffused with life magic. It sings through their bodies and illuminates their souls with wisdom and compassion. When roused to wrath they are deadly, the surging wellspring of energy in their heartwood fueling violent acts as easily as it does deeds of nurturing and nobility. Even a single Treelord can turn the course of a battle, roaring with fury as it stomps inexorably through the enemy’s ranks, smashing and tearing all that stand before it. Even the high walls of the Chaos Dreadholds are no defense against such beings, for with crushing talon and burrowing root they canbring down the staunchest bastions.[1a]

The raw life magics flowing through these huge beings are such that their connection to the spirit-song is especially strong. Most Noble Spirits can travel along the spirit paths, also called realmroots, for only short distances – usually no further than they can see, hear or smell. The most powerful Treelords and Ancients can sometimes cross greater areas in this way, and there are tales of exceptional individuals, such as Thelphenil of House Ith’laer or Nuurnil the Wanderer, striding many leagues in the blink of an eye. Treelords and Ancients can usually project and perceive the spirit-song across great distances. They commune with one another in streams of colour and sensation, coordinating strategy and conveying messages between enclaves sometimes hundreds of miles apart. Yet as powerful as they are, even Treelords cannot project their song between realms. That gift is Alarielle’s alone.[1a]

Treelords are often seen by the Ancients as youthful and impulsive, though even the youngest of their number has likely endured many mortal lifetimes.The Treelords are the boughmasters and strongbranches of the Ancients, arbiters of their will and protectors of their people. Treelords are warlike-beings and dynamic leaders in the battle against Chaos. Each combines the skill and discipline of a born-warrior with the strength and resilience of a walking siege tower. They burrow their strangleroots through rock and soil to tear their enemies apart, all the while booming forth the song of war to perfectly coordinate their followers upon the battlefield.[1b]

Treelords are the Noble Spirits who most personify the traits and peculiarities of their glades. Treelords of the Harvestboon clans, for example, are lithe and passionate beings, quick to wrath but also to mirth. By comparison, the Treelords of Ironbark Glade are stubborn beyond reason, and many glitter with seams of metallic minerals lacing through their living bodies. There are few who trust the sharp-taloned Treelords of the Dreadwood clans; these spirits are noble in name only, favoring duplicity and cruelty to achieve their aims. By comparison, the Treelords of Oakenbrow are the most regal of creatures, and they are just and exceptionally wise in both counsel and deed.[1b]


A Treelord is armed with Massive Impaling Talons, and can also attack with huge Sweeping Blows, or from afar with writhing Strangleroots.[1c]

Notable Treelords

  • Thelphenil - Treelord of House Ith'laer.[1a]
  • Nuurnil the Wanderer.[1a]