In his mortal life, there was no archer that could best Tycole of the nomadic Hurgan tribes in feats of marksmanship. Seeking to avoid the beast-filled forests, the Hurgan travelled the plains, but there were no safe havens in Ghur. In those open places the tribe was subjected to raids by stabharriers, Manticores and harpy packs. Against these swooping terrors, Tycole learned to loose spreads of arrows with rapid speed and unerring aim. With his Reforging, the newly named Tychus Beastbane took those skills beyond mortal limits. With his volleystorm crossbow, he could snap-fire a crackling bolt of energy into the visor of an on rushing Chaos warrior at a hundred paces, even while riding his galloping Dracoth. As a member of the Hammers Draconis, Tychus was instrumental in fomenting the tactics of the Tempestors and the Lightning Echelons. While training in the Gladitorium, it was Tychus that led his retinue to blast clear a pathway for the Fulminators, simultaneously shooting down any foe that threatened the Dracothian Guards’ flanks.[1a]


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