The sight of unrent flesh causes pain to Ul’zhark, the Herald of Khorne best known to mortals as the Red Butcher. Once an undistinguished foot soldier of Khorne, Ul’zhark won champion’s status upon the only path the followers of the Blood God can take: the way of war and slaughter. Wielding his hellblade in a blurring pattern of death, the Bloodletter carved a gore-soaked trail. Whether the enemy was daemonic or mortal, a towering monster or ranked regiment, it mattered not. In Nurgle’s Garden, Ul’zhark slew his way through a tallyband of Plaguebearers before burrowing deep into a Great Unclean One with his blade. He continued to hack and slice at the greater daemon’s spilled innards until not a single organ twitched. Risen to Herald, Ul’zhark joined the Destroyer Legion beneath Kul’rhex, earning the title of ‘the Red Butcher’ after his role in the destruction of the Hyborlands and the bloody sacking of its capital. It is his task to guard the Gate of Sigmar, summoning Kul’rhex and the rest of his legion if he cannot defeat any who dare trespass.


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