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A murderous and unforgiving warrior-queen, Valkia the Bloody swoops over the battlefield on crimson wings. A brimstone gale howls before her, the Gorequeen diving from its midst to fall upon her foes with deafening screams of rage.[1a]


The merest rumour of Valkia the Bloody evokes terror throughout the Mortal Realms. She is known by many names – to the tribes of Aqshy she is the Gorequeen, while the peoples of Hysh know her as Lady Wrath. The Bonechewers of Skulltop Forest tell awed tales of Da Red Spear, while to the duardin of Rockenfall, she is known only as the Bloodwitch. Valkia is a dark legend, a killer whose brutal hordes strike without warning and leave only mangled corpses in their wake. In truth, Valkia is all of these things and worse. Legend says that she was once a mortal warrior, an ambitious and merciless tribal chief who dedicated herself to the Blood God. So cruel was Valkia that her own tribe gathered in a great horde to strike her down. Betrayed and alone, still the Gorequeen fought with such fury that her spear, Slaupnir, slew hundreds before she was finally dragged down and slain. Khorne was so impressed that he breathed new life into Valkia’s mangled corpse. With a wrathful scream, Valkia was reborn as a winged daemon queen. She tore apart the surviving members of her tribe, before plunging into Khorne’s realm to carve out a fitting kingdom for herself.[1a][2a]

There she has dwelt ever since, the undisputed ruler of a volcanic fastness known as Mount Ashenfel. Valkia rules over daemon and mortal alike, for she is high in Khorne’s favour – all know that to defy Valkia is to court not only her notorious temper, but that of the Blood God himself.[1a][2a]

The Gorequeen raids the Mortal Realms often, leading mighty hosts of Bloodbound and daemons into savage battle for the Blood God’s pleasure. Valkia has fallen on several occasions, slain by mighty foes. Yet by the will of Khorne she always returns to seek revenge. Khorne’s servants fight all the harder with the Gorequeen’s eyes upon them, for it is within her gift to return those who impress her to life. Their blood burning with daemonic fury, the worthy rise once more, fighting on despite the mortal wounds that disfigure their ravaged bodies. Only after battle’s end do they truly die, their souls drawn towards Valkia’s domain to fight phantom battles through the tunnels and chambers of Mount Ashenfel forevermore.[1a][2a]


Valkia the Bloody wields the spear Slaupnir, and fends off her foes’ attacks with the fell artefact known as the Daemonshield.[1b]