Vekh the Flayer is the Bloodstoker of the Bloodbound.

Vekh is the cruelest and most sadistic of all Bloodbound warriors. His ravaged features reflect the evil beneath, for as a monster-breeder of the Fang tribe, Vekh was savaged whilst raiding a cave gryph’s nest. Thought he survived, the wound twisted him further still. He now lives only to perfect his ability to inflict pain – pain that drives the warriors of the Khorne Bloodbound into killing frenzy.

Vekh was exiled when his overzealous lashings killed one too many of his tribe’s warriors. The Flayer knew no how long he roamed alone, but whilst exploring the Crimson Catacombs Vekh found Khorgorath, a creature that could bear the brunt of his wrath and still rise again. Since that day he has turned his sadistic talents to a greater purpose. Under the lash of the Bloodstoker, those who have sworn their souls to Khorne fight all the harder – and whilst Vekh goads killers to war, the skulls his prized Khorgorath craves are never is short supply.

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