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A malignancy upon the Mortal Realms, the Verminlord Corruptor known as Vermalanx is ancient and cunning beyond words. In Rotwater Blight, he seeks to enact his most evil scheme yet.[1a]


Vermalanx the Corruptor is the Horned Rat’s chief agent in the Jade Kingdoms. All the Verminlord’s intellect is bent toward exploiting Nurgle’s looming victory for his own malicious ends. Early in the War of Life, Vermalanx realised that the key to victory lay with Ghyran’s fey queen. However, though his agents have crept far in search of Athelwyrd, the Hidden Vale, they have met with no success.[1a]

Undeterred, Vermalanx has concocted a plan so vile it could poison a sane mind forever. If Alarielle could not be found by her foes, he reasoned, then her own guardians would have to betray her. To this end, Vermalanx has enlisted the aid of not only Kratsik, but also the infamous vivisectionist Grey Seer Skurrik. Striking a baleful bargain with the seer, Vermalanx had Skurrik’s agents creep into the basement of Grandfather Nurgle’s manse. Though they risked the very foulest retribution, the terrified ratmen stole an ancient urn, said to contain the ashes of a mighty Treelord trapped for unknown aeons. These ashes Vermalanx gave to Kratsik, bidding the Plague Priest burn them in his Plague Furnace. The resultant rot-smog was so potent it dissolved the fabric of reality.[1a]

Knowing that his foes cannot not leave such an atrocity unpunished, Vermalanx has settled his forces around the Realmgate in the Glade of Horned Growths, content to wait. The sylvaneth will come to him, and when they do, he will prise Alarielle’s location from them, whatever it takes.[1a]