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Verminlord Corruptors are pestilence made manifest. They are the daemons of the Great Horned Rat in his guise as the Great Corruptor, heralds of his withering will and living plague vectors who exist only to despoil and corrupt.[1c]


Towering over their vile underlings, the terrifying Verminlord Corruptors hold absolute power over the Clans Pestilens.They are mighty warriors, able to rip their victims apart with tainted sickles and unleash sorcerous powers of plagueat will.[1c]

The realms rot wherever these daemons tread, and any brave enough to face them in battle will soon be ravaged by sickness and crawling with the unnatural parasites that infest the daemons’ greasy pelts. The stench of decay that billows about these terrible beings is enough to leave the mightiest hero weak and gagging, while their slightest touch blackens flesh and rusts armour.[1c]

The mind of a Verminlord Corruptor is labyrinthine in its complexity, and their cunning is such that it would takea brave or stupid Plague Priest indeed to scheme against one – openly, at any rate. The Corruptors themselves politick against one another constantly, fighting for any advantage over their rivals. Many a Virulent Procession has fought great and bloody battles just to serve the selfish agenda of a slighted Verminlord Corruptor.[1c]

Despite such rivalries, the Corruptors quickly join forces when faced with the scheming and plotting of other types of Verminlord. The Corruptors believe with the absolute conviction of fanatics that the Clans Pestilens alone are the favoured children of the Horned Rat, and so are violently resentful of any other clan’s attempts to gain supremacy. They often come to blows with the exceptionally manipulative Verminlord Warpseers.[1c]

It is in the nature of Verminlord Corruptors to despise all that is pure and verdant. It is for this reason that the daemons have led many of the Clans Pestilens into the centuries-long savagery of the War of Life. Rumour speaks of a pestilent stronghold somewhere in Ghyran within which a whole conclave of Verminlord Corruptors gnaws away at a diabolical plan, something so foul that it is hidden even from the clans themselves.[1c]

Known Verminlord Corruptors


A Verminlord Corruptor wields Plaguereapers, and can lash out with its long Prehensile Tail. If an enemy suffers a wound from a Verminlord Corruptor's Prehensile Tail but is not slain, that foe suffers a mortal wound as its injuries become infected with an extremely virulent contagion.[1e]