King Thrond is the lord of the Silver Sea, master of the Gorebeast Menagerie and terror of the Hanging Valleys. After enslaving the beasts of the crucible’s rugged edge, Thrond and his army of monstrous chariots soon brought death to their rival tribes. When the Alchemist’s Moon waxes and the Silver Sea sets firm, Thrond leads hunting parties across its surface, running down all those who do not pay him tithe.[1a]

In the Age of Chaos, Tzeentch cast his malign influence over the people of Anvrok. It was Thrond that turned most readily to his worship. The jealous monarch had no intention of passing his crown to his son, and bartered away his soul in return for everlasting life. Thrond is slowly realising that this eternity will be spent as a puppet rather than a lord, and his anger at the Changer of the Ways grows with each day. Still, whilst he claims dominion over the Great Crucible, he can still salvage some pride – any who threaten his domain are met with the full measure of his wrath.[1a]


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