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Vhulkhaya is the goddess of gold, mining, brewing and the home.

This Duardin goddess is also very powerful. She is worshipped (more frequently than others) by Duardin goldsmiths and miners who pray to her before starting a project or going down a mine. There are in many places’ altars to Vhulkhayâ near mine entrances. In a Duardin’s personal chambers, a miniature altar is placed on a bedside as a blessing to their living-space. Her commandments read as:

-Always work a mine to extract all ore and valuable stone to enhance the well being of the clan and race.

-Never be wasteful of the earth’s mineral bounty.

- Always provide aid to a wounded or ailing Duardin - if possible.

-Always assist a friend in need.

-Always attend the needs of the young.

-Always protect fellow Duardin from harm, especially at the hands of a Duardin enemy.

-Never knowingly distribute or sell spoiled drink or food.