Lord Cyrocco is the finest breed of ruler – one who fights for the just causes of his kingdom. He is the first to admit he has a certain pride, though it is tempered by the humility of the truly noble. Victrian is a generous leader – he bequeathed the Cyroccan Dynasty’s traditional heirloom – the kings blade – to his squire Xedurio long ago in favour of the long-hafted hammer of his household. Ever a great statesman, Victrian is an orator fluent in a score of mortal languages. Lord Cyrocco has led the Royal Victrians to rousing victory in three of the Mortal Realms already, and galvanised the indigenous people he has saved to defy the dominion of Chaos. The Lord-Celestant has jested on many occasions that he will make his mark on every realm – including that of the Dark Gods – before he will even consider the notion of dying and being Reforged, at which point he intends to start the process over again.[1a]


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