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Beneath the smouldering volcanoes of the Cynder Peaks, the

The symbol of the Vostarg lodge.

hammers of the Vostarg lodge ring ceaselessly upon their anvils like drums of war. Among the oldest of the Aqshy Fyreslayer lodges, the Vostarg can trace their lineage back to the legendary Vosforge, and they are the only scions of the original Vostarg lodge still to bear that name. From their sprawling magmahold of Furios Peak, the might of the Vostarg casts a blazing glow across the lands, and their reputation as brutal mercenaries and fearsome warriors stretches far beyond the borders of their domain.[1a][1b]

Runefather Bael-Grimnir has led the Vostarg through centuries of war and conflict against foes beyond counting. An ancient and wise patriarch, Bael-Grimnir rides into battle atop a flame-belching Magmadroth whose skin shimmers with the heat of the forge. Every notch in the Runefather’s warthrone and every scar in his fire-hardened skin is another tale in the long saga of the Vostarg lodge and its proud warriors.[1a][1b]

With their flame-haired beards, the Vostarg are the very image of Grimnir himself. The colours of the lodge reflect the great cycle of magma – the vivid orange as it flows beneath the earth, the angry red as it oozes above-ground, and the sombre black as it cools and hardens into rock as unyielding as they.[1a][1b]


The Vostarg use different combinations of their lodge’s colours on their loincloths to identify fyrds. All members of the Hearthguard wear finely grafted greaves – an indicator of their status among the ranks of the lodge. The rune of stoicism represents defiance inthe face of great odds. The silver key hanging from a Berzerker’s belt reveals that he has only recently ascended to his post within the Hearthguard. A Vulkite Berzerker who is wearing the rune of stone on his loincloth, will grants him great endurance in battle. Gold keys, such as those shown on the belt of the Auric Hearthguard, are a sign of experience. Some veterans have served several Runefathers. Crest colours areanother device used to identify fyrds. Hearthguard crests often displaymore colours.[1c][1d]

Only the Grimwrath Berzerkers have the honour of wielding a fyrestorm greataxe. The axe’s brazier is capped with a rune of immolation. Runemaster Vaegor has many unique trappings, such as his ur-salamander skin cloak. Battlesmith Turgon’s icon of Grimnir incorporates the warrior god’s own rune – a sacred symbol for the Fyreslayers. As Runefather, Bael-Grimnir wears the most elaborate helm, along with ornate shoulder guards. Runeson Yaen’s beard is capped with finials that reflect the wyrmslayer javelins he wields in battle. Runesmiters wear grim helm-masks that inspire their kin and strike fearin the hearts of the foe.[1d]

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