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Vulcatrix in battle with the Duardin god of war and fire Grimnir.

Vulcatrix, the so-called "Mother of Salamanders," was a fiery Godbeast similar in appearance to a great reptile made entirely of molten rock. Vulcatrix was an ancient enemy of Sigmar during the Age of Myth.

When the Duardin gods Grungni, master of smiths, and Grimnir, god of war and fire, were freed from their imprisonment atop the tallest of the Iron Mountains of Chamon, the Realm of Metal, by the God-King, Grimnir demanded that Sigmar accept his warrior oath and choose a mighty enemy for him to slay. The fiery god did not wish to owe his fellow deity any obligation that would have to be paid back later.

Grimnir was sent forth by Sigmar to Aqshy, the Realm of Fire, to fight Vulcatrix and eliminate her plague upon the mortals of that realm. The Duardin Fyreslayers who revere Grimnir say that their god won the battle, but upon Vulcatrix's death, she erupted, levelling entire mountains and scattering the eseence of the two divine beings across the Mortal Realms.

The remains of Grimnir from this great battle eventually transformed into the arcane metal known as ur-gold. Vulcatrix's descendants, the heat-loving reptiles known as Magmadroths, are still ridden by the Fyreslayers today.