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Hunters of Gorkamorka

The Orruks of Brittleback Mountain are a hardy lot, swift of foot and brutish in strength. This small band considers itself elite, having seen off two larger tribes using Orruk Kunnin' and "Lotsa Choppas". The cause of these recent raids is Warboss Arfur Snapdragon, A Greenskin so boisterous and loud that non-Orruks go deaf in close proximity to his bellowed orders.

The age of Shadows

The Boyz of the Snapdragon tribe refer to the period before Arfur's reign as The age of Shadows. During this time the Snapdragons were isolated and lost after the defeat of their Overlord, Skagg Irontoof to a larger Waaagh led by Krag Skulhamma. This left them in a peculiar position, to side with Skullhamma and risk being killed by Orruks loyal to him or to go it alone and rebuild their shattered strength. After a Tournament to reassert the strongest Orruks of the tribe, Warlord Uvver Snapdragon decided to lead his Boyz as an independent clan.

The Great Migration

Uvver Snapdragon lead the surviving members of the tribe along the banks of the river Coelys and followed it to the base of Brittleback Mountain. The roving band of Orruks stopped occasionally to waylay any travelling merchants and Free Guild patrols and make off with their goods. The heavily forested valley proved to be rich in building materials and within days a crude, vicious looking fortress loomed over the tree tops.

With the fortresses completion, The Snapdragons celebrated raucously for two days, resulting in countless scuffles, broken noses and the death of Uvver Snapdragon when he drank a whole cauldron of untreated fungus brew. Nursing a minor hangover and spoiling for a fight the Snapdragons competed in a bloody tournament that saw the leadership of the tribe won by Uvverr's son Arfur Snapdragon.

Still thoroughly riled up, the new Warboss led a great hunt at the head of the tribes Boar Boyz, culminating in the slaying of a Cave Wyvern with Arfur landing the killing blow. This act cemented his position as Warboss and ushered in a new age of prosperity for the Snapdragon Tribe.

Glade of Blood

Also in the area were the Bonesnappa and Teeftaker tribes. After the two Warbosses tied in a drinking contest, they formed a mutual alliance. Seeing new arrivals in their turf they sent a "welcome party" of some of the hardest boyz from both tribes. Riding at the head of his Boar Boyz Arfur Snapdragon lured the pursuing mob into the choppas of his own Orruks and cleaved through their rear flank with the tusks and choppas of his elite riders. As they celebrated their victory, a strange Orruk; naked except for a loincloth and a comically small wizards hat approached the Snapdragon camp.

The Prophet of Dreams

The stranger established himself as a prophet of Gorkamorka and said that he had been chosen to guide the Snapdragons along a path of glory and carnage. Unsure about his impromptu guest he pit the prophet against one of his biggest Orruks. The following beating was sufficient enough to earn Arfurs trust and since that day Arfur has relied upon the prophet's sage advice.

His first piece of advice was to cunningly turn tribes Bonesnappa and Teeftaker against each other. In a clash of Boyz from the Teeftaker tribe, Arfur set his plan into motion. As the tide of battle was turning in his favour Arfur yelled "BONESNAPPA SAYS YOU FIGHT LIKE A GROT!". In an instant the ringing of metal ceased and a dumbfounded Uagh Teektaker sauntered up to Snapdragon asking when this affront happened. Putting on his best poker face Arfur said the incident had happened seconds after Teeftaker set off to fight Snapdragon's Boyz. Furious, Uagh ran in the opposite direction to confront his supposed ally.

A Cunning Deception

Lying in a fungus brew induced daze, Krang Bonesnappa was awoken by the arrival of a very angry Uagh Teeftaker who attacked him in a rage. Their fight spread around the Bonesnappa camp and soon every Orruk in the vicinity was brawling with their former allies. it was in this moment that Arfur Snapdragon unleashed a daring tactic.

In the confusion Arfur led the Snapdragon tribe against the brawling allies. The two tribes, too committed to their civil war, were unable to bring enough strength to bear against the attacking Snapdragons. After several charges against isolated groups of Bonesnappa and Teeftaker Orruks. Arfur picked out the hulking forms of Uagh Teektaker and Krang Bonesnappa.

Both Warbosses were trampled by iron shod hooves and cleaved by heavy blades. Arfur took the two Warbos

ses heads as trophies and scared off the remaining Bonesnappa and Teeftakers with his new prizes and his ecstatic Boar Boyz.

Current Whereabouts

The Snapdragon tribe now enjoys a marked superiority in the area, lording over the isolationist Orruk tribes in the area. Arfur Snapdragon routinely leads hunts against the local Wyvern population to great success. The local area's paths have been reduced to mud by the ceaseless tramping of hooves and hob-nailed boots.

Waaaaagh! Snapdragon roster

Warboss Arfur Snapdragon-Arfur is a huge and very boisterous Orruk warlord. He has an obsession with shock cavalry charges and lightning raids. When he's not fighting something he races through the forest paths on his boar Goretusk. He demands that all of his Boar Boyz are capable of hitting his shield in a close approximation to a knightly joust.

On the Battlefield he displays a sudden ability to restrain his lust for battle, waiting for the foot elements of the tribe engage first. Once the enemy flank is vulnerable he enters a berserk rage and charges at the exposed enemy, accompanied by his Boar Boyz.

The Haymakers

The Haymakers are so called because they are unsubtle and highly destructive. This particularly smelly mob of Orruks is commanded by Tor Skullbeater. His control over his mount is so legendary that he rarely ever dismounts. His Boar can traverse nearly any terrain as a result of years of trotting through forest paths and over mountains.

This mob is Arfurs fist on the battlefield driving away, and preferably through enemy regiments. What opponents aren't immediately driven from the field or destroyed are assaulted by the Boar Boyz cleaving blades.

The Men at Waaaaagh!

This mob is the anvil to the Haymakers hammer. This mob of Boyz is particularly bow-legged and fleet of foot due to routine travel with the Boar Boyz. Ser Gawaaagh, Knight of Gork leads this mob and his ability to crack skulls is second to none.

Ser Gawaaagh's training sessions are typically bloody and result in regular injuries. This makes the Boyz that survive the regular training sessions highly durable fighters, able to take considerable damage and still fight on.

The Bush Whacker

The Bush Whacker is a crudely made yet sturdy chariot. The boars pulling the vehicle were the runts of the litter but they make up for their small size with an amazing speed and endurance. The Orruks crewing the Bush Whacker are speed freaks through and through. Once the chariot starts moving it is incredibly hard to stop it. When the crew want to apply the "brakes", they charge at the nearest enemy regiment in the hope that they can regain control of the war machine.

Merlin, The Dream Prophet

Merlin is a peculiar Orruk. an Ironbreakerz outcast who took to wandering the realm of life in pursuit of Gorkamorka. He joins Waaaagh! Snapdragon as an advisor and warrior, though what he seems to get out of it is a mystery to the Snapdragons.