Potent greenskin shamans, Wardokks wave their bones and caper about calling down the power of Gorkamorka. Coils of blazing green energy fill nearby orruks, making their tattoos dance like living things and imbuing them with extra protection or greater Waaagh! magic, or even knitting back together broken and battered flesh.[2]


Attendants, advisors and bodyguards to the Wurrgog Prophet – and successors, when he invariably blows up – the Wardokks are unhinged leaders of bands of Morboys. Performers of wild rituals that channel Waaagh! energy, they magnify the power of the Prophet, stirring up so much incredible magic that they can improve the effects of spells, protect their chums and even reattach the arms of mangled boys, making them good as new.[1]

Wargear and abilities

Wardokks are armed with a Bonebeast Stikk, and know how to cast arcane bolts and mystic shields. They also perform strange dances that magnify the power of their beast spirits or those of nearby units - the Grimdokk Dance heals injured warriors, the Ju-ju Dance protects friendly mobs, and the Weird Dance improves the army's magical prowess.[2]



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